Sunday, 29 August 2010

Average Night Out

So, we were in town the other night, and just as we get near the club, a friend and I realise we don't have any cash on us. (It's worth noting that by this point, we'd been drinking for about four hours, and had polished off just shy of a bottle of vodka each.) There's a cashpoint about five minutes walk away, so we tell the others we'll meet them inside and head up to find it. Standing about ten meters away from it, there's a bunch of guys holding up signs saying 'John 3:7'. Not being a Christan, I have basically no idea what that means, so I ask. I can't quite remember how or why but we ended up talking to them for half an hour. Two of them seemed alright, but one of them, a big Irish fucker (called John funnily enough) was pretty aggressive. I ended up talking to him for half an hour while he alternated between trying to argue with me and just quoting scripture instead. Then my friend pulls me away and we walk all the way back to the club, only to realise we completely blanked to get any money out.

The thing is, I can't remember what John 3:7 means. I could just google it, but I figure I'll wait until the next time I meet a bearded Irishman holding a sign and see if he knows.


  1. I'll google Jhon 3:7 lets see what does it means ^_^

  2. Well, according to wikipedia, the most accurate place in the interblags, "A sign with the legend "John 3:7" is often seen at Gaelic games stadiums in Ireland. The sign refers to a verse in the Gospel of John and has been displayed by fan Frank Hogan at matches for at least two decades."

    ...So they're all football fans?

    I like random musing sites, and excellent choice in poets, Frost is great.


  3. Maybe they were drunk and you didn't realise it :p

  4. Jhon 3:7 reads as follows: "And Jorgan said unto us, 'Dudes, I need more beer.'"

  5. book of john chapter 3 verse 7

    just checking in

  6. So did u go back to get more money?